Mostly Asked HTML Interview Question And Answer

What do you think by HTML?
The language which is used for describing web pages is known as HTML.
The abbreviation of HTML is Hyper Text Markup Language. 
HTML is a markup language but not a programming language. 
A set of mark up tags is known as markup language. 
To describe web pages, markup tags are used by HTML.

Advantages of HTML? 
The main advantages of HTML are as follows:
HTML is the widely used language. 
Almost all the browsers support HTML. 
HTML is very simple and usage, learning is easy. 
You need not purchase additional software as it is in windows by
The syntax of HTML and XML is similar and XML is widely used for storing data. 

Even the beginners feel easy to code the program.
Disadvantages of HTML?
HTML is used to develop plain and static pages. HTML suits perfectly when dynamic pages are required.  A lengthy code is written to create a simple HTML page. 
The security features are not good in HTML. 
If you write a length code to develop web pages then the code may result in complexity. 

List out the tags which are mostly used  in HTML?

<a href=”URL”>Link</a> – Used for linking another page.

<h1> – heading1 tag

<b> – Used for Bold

<img src=”imageurl”> – To insert a image

HTML tags case sensitive or not?
No HTML tags are not case sensitive.

How we can open a link in a new window in HTML?
If you set the target attribute to "_blank" in the <a> tag, the link will open in a new browser window/tab. 



<a href="" target="_blank">Visit!</a> 



HTML is case sensitive or not?
No, it is not case sensitive.

What is HTML5?
The new standard for HTML, HTML DOM and XHTML is HTML5. 
HTML5 is work in progress and the modern browsers have support to HTML5.

Difference Between GET and POST methods?

Data is appended to the URL. 
Data is not secret. 
It is a single call system 
Maximum data that can be sent is 256. 
Data transmission is faster 

This is the default method for many browsers 

Data is appended to the URL.
Data is Secret 
It is a two call system. 
There is no Limit on the amount of data.That is characters any amount of data can be sent. 
Data transmission is comparatively slow. 

No default and should be Explicitly specified.

Differences between HTML and DHTML?

It is referred as a static HTML and static in nature. 

A plain page without any styles and Scripts called as HTML. HTML sites will be slow upon client-side technologies. 

It is referred as a dynamic HTML and dynamic in nature. 

A page with HTML, CSS, DOM and Scripts called as DHTML. DHTML sites will be fast enough upon client-side technologies.