GD Interview

Today there are many companies conducting group discussion or GD round to check the skill’s of candidate such as behavior, listening and speaking capacity, ability in decision making and body language. By following some tips and advice we can perform better in GD round. This section includes useful tips regarding GD.

Follow these simple tips to perform good in GD.

Try to start the Group Discussion.

Keep eye contact while speaking and listening others.

Allow others to speak.

Speak clearly during Group Discussion.

Try to bring the discussion on track,if discussion is diverted
You must have to show positive attitude.

Speak point to point.

Listen carefully to others.

Your presentation during GD should be positive.

Go for Group Discussion with formal dressing.

Skills those are judged in GD?

Your communication with others.

Your behavior and interaction with group.

Your listening skill.

How you can put your views in group.

Your leadership skills and decision making skills.

Your analysis skill and subject knowledge.

Problem solving and critical thinking skill regarding subject.

Your attitude and confidence during discussion.