Questions You Should Never Ask in a Job Interview

If interview ask you, do you have any question for me. Regarding this question first of all you must say thank you for giving me this opportunity then you can ask your question. But you will have to avoid silly question. You should not ask like these questions-

Do not ask anything related to salary such as what is my CTC and so on.

Can I work from my home?

No need to ask about working hours, if you are fresher you must think only about knowledge.

Also avoid questions which start with why such as-Why your company is not changing policies for job. Why your company fire more employee in a last year.

Question you can ask with the interview are-

I would like to know what will be my responsibility if I selected in your company?

In which area I need to grow myself that would help me if I join in your company?

Services provided by company.

You can also ask about company policy.

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